Do you wish you could save a selection of students that you spent time selecting by hand? PowerSchool is capable of doing this with Stored Selections, here's how:

Make your selection of students
Click Function box
Choose “Save Stored Selection”

This page will appear:

Name Your selection
Click Save
Submit  (Your selection will appear in blue on this page, including the number of records in the selection)

To Work With Your Selection
Click on Stored Selections on PowerSchool’s homepage
Select the go functions to work with the students

To Add Records to a Saved Selection
On the start page, select the students that you want to add or combine with another stored selection.
The group becomes the current selection.
Click functions, Choose Save Stored Selection
Check the selection you want to modify
Click Add, Then Submit.  You will need to name your selection to save it again.

To Delete Records to a Saved Selection
Click Go Functions next to the selection you want to modify
Click on the number at the top of the page, to list the students currently in your selection
Click the function, select students by hand
Choose the students to delete from the selection
Choose, remove selected students
Click selections
Rename your current selection (Should have fewer records in it)
Delete your first selection

Remember stored selections are only a snapshot of a certain time, these records will not update as students enroll and drop.

Does the field you are trying to include in a letter or report only contain a code? You can decode the field for report purposes, here's how:

Tto insert the name of the next school building in a letter:
~(decode;~(next_school);3;Nelson Elementary;4;Rex Elementary;5;Freeman Elementary;6;Oatville Elementary;9;Ruth Clark Elementary;10;Prairie Elementary)

The same is true with grade_levels:



  1. On the start page, search for a group of students.
  2. Choose student field value from the Functions pop-up menu.
  3. Enter the field name of the activity in the "Field to Change" box.
  4. Enter "1" in the New Field Value field. (The value of 1 signifies that the check box next to that field is selected.)
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Look over the information on the confirmation page. If you intend to continue with the process, click Submit. Otherwise, return to the start page to cancel the transaction.

Exporting data from PowerSchool is a piece of cake with the different tools within PowerSchool. But once the data is exported how do I access the data to work with it?

The data extracted from PowerSchool will be a file type .text. You must set up your computer to open this type of a file in excel.

For PowerSchool exports to open the .text directly into an Excel spreadsheet everytime you must set the default to open .text in Excel.

  1. Use Quick Export to export data from PowerSchool.
  2. Save the export file to your desktop.
  3. Locate the export file on your desktop.
  4. Right-click on the file’s icon.
  5. Choose Open with Excel from the pop-up menu. If Excel is not a choice, you will need to browse to find your excel on your machine.

All Exports will open in Excel.